The Beginning


Hello to (probably nobody yet). My name is Brooke, and I am 22 with 18 month old boy girl twins. I’m not sure how you usually start these things but I figure it’s easier to steer a moving ship so here I am. I want to blog because our situation is pretty unique and I think it could benefit people to see that you can be happy and healthy even if you haven’t got everything figured out yet.

I met my Fiancé, Nick, online about 3 and a half years ago and we were living over 600 miles apart at the time. We Skyped back and forth for a year until he finally drove out to see me. And that’s basically all she wrote. I fell head over heels in love with him and I moved to be with him for the Summer and never ended up going back. Truth be told we wanted to get married just a couple months after dating, and most people might think that’s crazy but when you know you know. Since getting married would’ve seemed crazy to most people we decided having a baby would show everyone we were serious. Now I admit, we were definitely young and lovestruck and crazy at that point. But to this day that has still been the best decision I’ve ever made. So I got pregnant, and then a few days after I found out I was pregnant, we found out it was twins. We were shocked, a little scared, but mostly we were just really excited and happy. Our families were extremely supportive because they could all see how much we loved each other and how excited we were.

We planned on moving out of Nick’s parents house when I got pregnant, but once we found out it was twins and everyone said how much help we would need when we first had them, it just made more sense to stay. Plus we fixed up the basement so that it feels like a nice little apartment and we have a nursery for the babies, a room for ourselves and a big living area. So truthfully we have been very blessed to be here, but currently we are working on moving out. The only problem with living down here is that there’s no bathroom, and not much of a kitchen. We have done a lot that allows me to do some cooking though. We have a nice fridge, a microwave, an electric skillet, a crockpot, and a toaster oven. Oh and a Keurig for coffee, have to have that.

So, my blog will be a lot about just every day life with the twins, but also a big focus of mine lately has been healthier, cleaner eating. It’s not easy especially without having a full kitchen down here but I am trying. Before I moved here I was living on a basic teenagers diet of skipping meals, fast food, and ramen noodles. So now I’m trying to adjust my taste buds to like fresh fruits and vegetables and all that good stuff. Basically before I turn my first blog post into a novel, I’m just going to say that some times I will blog about food, sometimes about the babies, and sometimes just about life. I hope people will like this blog and I hope it helps someone someday. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this.


Author: youngtwinmommy

My name is Brooke and I'm a 22 year old mommy of boy-girl twins. I'm just figuring out this whole mom thing one step at a time and I want to share my journey to a healthier, happier, family! Random weird facts about me: I love Renaissance history, LOVE IT. I love to sing and play guitar, la La LA La la la laaaa I love science fiction anything I have always hated vegetables but they're growing on me... he he he I love watching movies I love the speech from Independence Day I'm surrounded by a lot of really wonderful, kind, awesome people and for that I am very very blessed.

One thought on “The Beginning”

  1. Amazing . I am so proud of you and can’t wait to keep reading. You did in 22 years what I have longed to do my whole life. Write. And you have so much to offer . Never doubt . I can’t wait to keep reading!!!


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