Family snow day (or 20 minutes)


It finally snowed for the first time here all Winter! It only snowed a little bit, not even an inch, but I was so excited to bundle the babies up and take them out I jumped at the opportunity. The thing about taking the babies out is that especially in the Winter it usually takes an hour to get them ready and then we’re only outside for like a half hour. But that’s okay, I think it’s worth it because it is truly my favorite thing to see them experience new things. The looks on their faces when they waddled outside were priceless.

They were so bundled up they looked like little sumo wrestlers, and within the first 5 minutes of being outside they had both fallen forward at least once and needed help to stand back up. Still though, they loved it. What’s not to love? Something you can eat or throw at daddy? A toddler’s dream! I have to admit it was also fun for mom and dad, we pulled them around on a little saucer sled and then we each took turns going too.

Daddy pulling Ava on the saucer while Mommy and Nicholas chase after
Ava looking back at Daddy
Nicholas contemplating who to throw his snowball at

All in all we had a great time. The only problem is that their gloves are too big. We got them at Carters with their hats and they’re both 2T, but they’re mittens and it’s just too hard to get their tiny little fingers into the right places. I’ve looked for better gloves for them but haven’t found any. If anyone knows of any that work well for babies their age let me know! It’s been a hectic kind of week getting back into the normal routine since the babies got sick but I’m going to try to get posts up more often! Thank you to anyone reading this and have a wonderful day (:


Author: youngtwinmommy

My name is Brooke and I'm a 22 year old mommy of boy-girl twins. I'm just figuring out this whole mom thing one step at a time and I want to share my journey to a healthier, happier, family! Random weird facts about me: I love Renaissance history, LOVE IT. I love to sing and play guitar, la La LA La la la laaaa I love science fiction anything I have always hated vegetables but they're growing on me... he he he I love watching movies I love the speech from Independence Day I'm surrounded by a lot of really wonderful, kind, awesome people and for that I am very very blessed.

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