Belated First Birthday post (Part 1)


Okay, so even though this won’t be chronologically perfect for my blog, I absolutely have to do a blog post about Nicholas and Ava turning 1. I’m going to do it in two separate posts because it will be ridiculously long if I put all of it together especially with all the pictures.

As a first time mom, their first birthday was a huge deal to me. I started planning for it somewhere around January and it wasn’t until June. YEAH. But, in perfect rhythm with the way I tend to do things, I was trying to plan it way before I could actually start planning it and then when the time came to actually plan it I felt like it had somehow snuck up on me. In the end, everything got done and we got some great first birthday pictures and they had a wonderful birthday party.

In this post I’m going to talk about their first birthday photo shoot. I went Pinterest crazy with this one. There were a couple of ideas from Pinterest that caught my eye in particular. First of all, I LOVED the birthday chalkboards that tell a couple cute things about your babies. I’m pretty sure you could’ve bought them on Etsy or a couple other places but I just free handed mine based off of some inspiring ideas I saw on Pinterest. Nick just cut and sanded 2 rectangular pieces of wood and then painted chalkboard paint on them and I used chalkboard markers to draw everything. It took me about 2 hours to do each one and I did it all in pencil first and then went over it with chalkboard markers. I just used 5 different colors I got from Michaels (red, blue, green, gold and silver). I was especially proud of how their favorite TV shows turned out, I tried to stick as close to the actual logos as I could. Here’s how the chalkboards turned out-


There were a lot of cute poses and outfit ideas for first birthday shoots on Pinterest and I thought the baby in a basket idea was adorable. I also loved the idea of balloons and luckily our photographer brought some because we left ours in the car overnight and most of them deflated. Also, we couldn’t afford a really expensive photographer but Nick’s coworker knew an amateur photographer just out of school so she did our photoshoot for only 100 dollars for an hour and then sent us all the pictures and a DVD. She was really wonderful and we went back to her again for our Christmas pictures this year. I bought most of their pink and blue outfits here and there when I saw stuff that looked cute. Nicholas just wore white pants and suspenders with a blue velcro tie. Ava wore a pink and gold tutu with a pink hair bow and some play jewelry.

The other outfits they had on were rainbow colored customized outfits that I got off of Etsy. They each had a onesie with their name on it and I just used Nicholas’ white shorts and Ava had a rainbow tutu and hairband that came with hers. They were just too cute.DSC_1984_Snapseed

My favorite part about our photographer was that she was constantly taking pictures and some of my favorites ended up being the candid ones of the babies being silly or us just playing with them.

The photoshoot was so much fun, the pictures came out beautifully, and we were able to print them from Walgreens and have them sent out to everyone in the family.

Although in these pictures Ava looks like a happy little princess and she was so good during the photoshoot, unfortunately the next day she came down with a fever of 104 that turned out to be roseola.

She was okay after about a week but we had to push their birthday party back to the next weekend. But when your baby is sick you don’t care about anything else, and it all worked out for the best anyway.  So, I hope you liked this blog post and I didn’t bombard you with too many pictures! I’ve been waiting since their first birthday to show everyone all their cute pictures so I might have went a little crazy. Soon I’ll be writing Part 2 of this post and telling you all about the babies’ “two by two” Noah’s ark Rainbow themed birthday party. Once again, I went a little Pinterest crazy with it but how can you not? Anyways, thanks for reading and have a good day mommas!


Author: youngtwinmommy

My name is Brooke and I'm a 22 year old mommy of boy-girl twins. I'm just figuring out this whole mom thing one step at a time and I want to share my journey to a healthier, happier, family! Random weird facts about me: I love Renaissance history, LOVE IT. I love to sing and play guitar, la La LA La la la laaaa I love science fiction anything I have always hated vegetables but they're growing on me... he he he I love watching movies I love the speech from Independence Day I'm surrounded by a lot of really wonderful, kind, awesome people and for that I am very very blessed.

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