The Overzealous mom

If you’re wondering what overzealous means, or maybe I’m the only one who was unsure, don’t count on google to be too helpful. The definition of overzealous when I looked it up was: too zealous. So I was like okay call me crazy but I’m not positive exactly what zealous means so I looked for that and found something super helpful: full of, characterized, or due to, zeal. At this point I had to assume that everyone else in the world knew what these words meant but I finally found a definition that used a broader spectrum of adjectives to describe overzealous to me. It defined overzealous as ardently active, devoted, or diligent. Synonyms were enthusiastic, eager, intense, passionate, and warm. Now, I am not always these things, I do tend to be a bit over enthusiastic most of the time but some days more than others.

This morning I woke up feeling actually awake for the first time in a long time. I think we actually went to sleep at 11:30 last night and this morning Nick overslept for work so we didn’t wake up until 7:30. That’s 8 hours of sleep folks! I know we should go to bed earlier every night but night time is really the only time we have to get things done so usually were up until midnight or a little after.  Anyways, I woke up feeling very active so I had an idea to let the babies help me make a smoothie. This seemed like a full proof plan to me at the time, measure out the ingredients  let the babies dump them in and then we’ll all say cheers and drink our delicious healthy smoothies together. Let me be clear, this is not what happened.

First of all, my children who never eat any random fruits I put in front of them, started chowing down on the frozen mangos and raspberries like they were candy. That was okay because they’re good for them but I was slightly concerned about them choking or something because they were too hard but they melted in their mouths and they were fine. But then they didn’t really want to put their new favorite snacks into the food processor so I had to do that part. Except after I put it all in and mixed it up it was too thick to pour as a drink, I added some water and it was still too thick to pour so whatever I just spooned it into their cute little cups thinking they could use a spoon. Definitely not. Basically our entire carpet right now is stained red raspberry because they spilled those smoothies every place you can think. On the ottoman, on the couch, on the floor, on themselves. Then, I said okay well just forget it if you’re not going to drink them then I’m going to so this can all just be over with, and I went to take a drink and it was pretty thick so I just kept tilting it back thinking I mean it has to come out sometime right? Yes, on that I was actually correct. Half the cup plopped out onto my face and the babies just stared at me and I just bursted out laughing. In trying to show them how not to spill a smoothie I actually realized its really very easy to spill your smoothie. I gave Nicholas a big kiss that got smoothie all over his face and then gave Ava a paper towel and she helped to clean me up.

Then I gave them milk and cheerios and sat down to write this. Even though I was laughing at the end, I’m still left with a bunch of red stains on the carpet and a bunch of dirty dishes that all could’ve been avoided if I just hadn’t tried to do something fun with them. I always feel this way after something like this happens, I get out the finger paints thinking they’ll be so happy and after 5 minutes I’m running away from them in fear covered in paint, or all the other times I’ve been a little overzealous and regretted it afterwards. The thing is, as many times as I do stuff like this and regret it afterwards, I keep doing it. I guess that’s just who I am but every once and a while one of my ideas works out and then it’s all worth it. And either way, successful or not, it’s always an adventure and always a funny memory. I’ve got to go pick up a bunch of cheerios off the ground and decide which baby had which toy first, so wish me luck with the rest of my day, and I wish you all good luck with yours (:



Author: youngtwinmommy

My name is Brooke and I'm a 22 year old mommy of boy-girl twins. I'm just figuring out this whole mom thing one step at a time and I want to share my journey to a healthier, happier, family! Random weird facts about me: I love Renaissance history, LOVE IT. I love to sing and play guitar, la La LA La la la laaaa I love science fiction anything I have always hated vegetables but they're growing on me... he he he I love watching movies I love the speech from Independence Day I'm surrounded by a lot of really wonderful, kind, awesome people and for that I am very very blessed.

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